[Tex/LaTex] Image taking up full page


I'm using this code to place an image in my page:

  \caption[labelInTOC]{Helper klasse}

I don't know why but this is taking up the entire page. The image isn't that big, it's 280*339px in size. I'm using the same code on some other places and it's working fine, only this particular image is giving a problem. Any ideas what's wrong?

Directly under the image there's a new section btw.

Best Answer

Most likely it ended up being a float page p because the constraints on size stopped it being a t float. in which case change [htp] which allows p and constrains the number and size of floats in the t area to [!ht] which does not allow p and removes the numeric and size constraints.

If that isn't sufficient, edit the question to add a complete example which shows the problem.

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