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I'm writing text with some custom images (symbols) in the text line, I add them using \includegraphics, but the images align with the text at the bottom, which is annoying, since the images are slightly larger than the text. How do I move the image a bit lower, so that the image stops just a bit below the text.

E.G. The diagram $\includegraphics{images/diagram_A}$ is neat.

It would be nice to have in the $ enviroment.

Best Answer

You may wrap your \includegraphics{...} into a \raisebox


This is\raisebox{1ex}{\includegraphics[height=2ex]{/Users/brf/Pictures/logos/dode.PDF}}okay    

Or create a newcommand:


Then blabla\moveup{dode.PDF}bla

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