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I am trying to make my first LaTeX file and have been reading syntax for a bit and have not been able to figure one thing out yet and don't seem to find anything about it online so I thought I might just ask:)

How is it possible to place an image next to an equation?

I tried to do it by wrapping it around, putting it into a table or anything similar but I can't get it working… Of course I could just have used the syntax wrong since I'm new to the subject:) It's for a summary for my exams and the pages are limited so I would like to save some space, plus it would look a lot better.

Additionally, if anyone could give me a link to a tutorial that is a bit more extensive than just the basics i would be very thankful as well!

\documentclass[11pt, a4paper]{article}      
\geometry{left=5mm, right=5mm, top=0mm, bottom=5mm}

\title{\huge {\textbf{Lineare Algebra}}}
\author{ David Wright}


\vspace {5mm}


Das Skalarprodukt ergibt die L\"{a}nge der Projektion von \ensuremath{\vec{a}} auf \ensuremath{\vec{b}}.

\begin {tabular}{p{10cm}l}
{\begin {align*}
\vec{a} \bullet \vec{b}& = |\vec{a}| \cdot |\vec{b}| \cdot \cos(\phi) \\
                       & = a_x  \cdot b_x + a_y \cdot b_y + a_z \cdot b_z \\
            \cos(\phi) & =  \frac {\vec{a} \bullet \vec{b}}{|\vec{a}| \cdot  |\vec{b}|}\\
                       & = \frac {a_x  \cdot b_x + a_y \cdot b_y + a_z \cdot b_z}{\sqrt{a_x^2 + a_y2 + a_z^2}\sqrt{b_x^2 + b_y^2 + b_z^2}}
\end {align*}}

\includegraphics[keepaspectratio = true, scale = 1] {dotp.jpg}





This is the outcome now

Best Answer

There are several possibilities. Perhaps the simplest is




or with align: