[Tex/LaTex] IEEE tran one column, two column elements in the same page possible


I'm using IEEEtran.cls for a journal paper and I'm unable to make a one column abstract using the inbuilt commands in IEEEtran: \onecolumn, \twocolumn. Switching between the two flushes the page and starts a new one. \nopagebreak doesn't work. Tried putting samepage tags. Didn't help either. I'm compiling using Xelatex. Any way to make one column and two column in the same page?

Best Answer

A minimal working example:


\title{The title}

Note: For some reason \lipsum[1] inside the abstract environment must be enclosed with brackets and must be at least one character before (it can be be ~, but no a normal space), but nothing of this is needed for real text.

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