[Tex/LaTex] Hyphenating text inside tabularx


I'm currently writing a thesis where hyphenation is not allowed with exception to tables. Disable Text hyphenation is working fine using:


Now the problem is that inside tabularx the words are larger than column width and they flow into the next column. I tried using RaggedRight while defining columns:


But still the text is not being hyphenated. Any ideas?


  1. No Hyphenations throughout the whole document
  2. Text in a table's column should not flow into the neighboring column

Below is a Mwe and a screenshot.



%Used for multicolumn


 & \multicolumn{2}{M|}{ \textbf{Anzahl TADs}} & \textbf{Verlustrate} & \textbf{Erfolgsdefinition} & \textbf{Misserfolgsdefinition} & \textbf{Entzündungserscheinung} \\ \hline
\textbf{Publikation} & \textbf{Insgesamt} & \textbf{Verlust} &  &  &  &  \\ \hline
Jung et al., 2009 & 30 & 2 & 6,7\% &  & Mangel an Osseointegrität, Mobilität des Implantates  & milde Mukositis \\ \hline
Jung et al., 2010 & 41 & 1 & 2,4\% & keine Implantatmobilität, keine unerwünschte Bewegung der Suprakonstruktion &  &  \\ \hline

Bad hyphenation in tabularx

Best Answer

The `hyphenat` package disables hyphenation by setting \hyphenpenalty=10000\exhyphenpenalty=10000

So if you want to temprary enable hyphenation, set these to sensible values (e.g. 25), This is a bit lower than usual, but in a small column we want to encourage hyphenation a bit more than in regular text.