[Tex/LaTex] How to write “LaTeX” in LaTeX with the first letter bolded


So I know to write \LaTeX to get the symbol, but is there a way to do it letter by letter so as to make the first letter bold?

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Note: There's a similar question and answer here: Color up each letter of \LaTeX word

You can find the definitions of \TeX, \LaTeX and \LaTeXe in latex.ltx (which is really, really surprising ;-) )

Easiest way is to use the definitions and save them as new commands, say \BLaTeX for Bold \LaTeX ;-)

However, the kerning is wrong initially, so I changed it slightly -- please provide own values for the kerning if the given example does not really fit yet regarding personal taste.


  {\sbox\z@ T%
    \vbox to\ht\z@{\hbox{\check@mathfonts
  \if b\expandafter\@car\f@series\@nil\boldmath\fi


\BLaTeX\ or \LaTeX

\BLaTeXe\ or \LaTeXe


\BLaTeX\ or \LaTeX

\BLaTeXe\ or \LaTeXe


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