[Tex/LaTex] How to write a mathematics problem book


I'm a mathematics student and a newbie latex-user, and would start to collect my favourite problems in a problem book written in latex, dividing the content in two parts: the first, with the labeled problems, with the source of the problems, the origin et cetera; the second part, with the respective solutions.
Obviously I would do my best, with the two parts hyperlinked and an index, aiming to create a good document for others students.

I have yet no idea how to do it in a pretty and efficent way.

I'm looking for a template, a similar .tex document where to see how to do it without having to read a lot of manuals.
Any suggestion?

Best Answer

Have you tried the package probsoln by Nicola Talbot? I think it is exactly what you need. You can find it in CTAN. If I'm not wrong, it's distributed with MikTeX. There is, also, an article about it in the last issue of the PracTeX journal (if you don't know the journal, there is a link from the TUG page (http://www.tug.org)). I use frequently this package to prepare homework or tests for my students and, yes, also to prepare a problem book.

Best luck!