[Tex/LaTex] How to use the ifsym package


I have added \usepackage{ifsym} in the front, and LaTeX cannot parse the command \Letter. What should I do to fix this?

Best Answer

By default the package only sets up the command \textifsymbol and a couple of font selection commonds, such as \textifsym, which will produce LCD type digits and certain chemistry related symbols. To get the Letter icon you can write \textifsymbol{0}. Of course that is not convenient. In order to use the more meaningful command names, you need to load the package with one of its options:

  • clock - provides \showclock and different clock symbols
  • weather - weather symbols \Sun, \Rain,...
  • misc - includes the \Letter icon you are after
  • alpine - map symbols for alpine regions e.g. \Hut, \Summit,...
  • geometry - circles, squares, diamonds,...
  • electronic - digital signals

So as cgnieder says \usepackage[misc]{ifsym} will provide the \Letter command.

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