[Tex/LaTex] How to upload the moduled tex files in arXiv


My first ever paper was accepted and I want to upload it to arXiv. However it seems a bit difficult, since it doesn't allow you to upload the .pdf right away..I uploaded my main .tex file but when on the Preview tab it will say "Processing your submission may take several minutes." and will never end.

Check the file tree:

./aem.tex    <-- main file that points to 'tex/exp.tex', etc.

How should I do it? :/

I compile with PDFLatex.

Best Answer

It should work if you:

  1. add %auto-ignore to the first line of every text file but the main file
  2. compress your file tree
  1. prevents arXiv's system from compiling your non-main files independently

  2. ensures that your folder structure will be respected and your images inside the fig folder will be accessible.

Also, please check that you do not have an \input loop such as this:

file master: \input{a} file A: \input{b} file B: \input{a}

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