[Tex/LaTex] How to type an inline chi in Latex


\( \chi \) produces a letter that is slightly below the row, but I've seen in many papers a chi that is in the same line as the rest of the row)

Best Answer

I'm not sure why you'd want this. However, it's easy to provide it:


\newcommand{\irchi}[2]{\raisebox{\depth}{$#1\chi$}} % inner command, used by \rchi


dg $\chi$ dg $\rchi$ dg

$\chi_\chi$ $\rchi_\rchi$


Left the normal chi, right the raised one. I added the baseline in the image just for clarity.

enter image description here

With \DeclareRobustCommand, \rchi can be used also in section titles (but always in math mode, so \section{... $\rchi$ ...}).