[Tex/LaTex] How to subtract two equations


I am trying to subtract one equation from another but I can't get it to display the way that I want. This is what I have right now.


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This does not look very good but seems close to what your code is attempting to do, where I use \cline{} to draw the horizontal line, and \phantom{y=} to push the minus sign to the left

enter image description here

Recomended Solution:

However, I would suggest the use of \intertext or \shortintertext from the mathtools package, and refer to the equations:

enter image description here


  • Requires two runs: first run will display a (??) in the cross reference.
  • \shortintertext yields better spacing but requires an additional package. Alternatively, you can use \intertext which is available in amsmath.
  • The mathtools package already includes amsmath.



    y&=2x+5 \label{eqn:one}\\
    y&=3x+10 \label{eqn:two}\\
  \shortintertext{Subtracting \eqref{eqn:two} from \eqref{eqn:one} yields}
    0&=-x-5  \notag
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