[Tex/LaTex] How to split bibliography for different sections


Say I wish to have two references lists: one for all the citation within the main body, and another for all the citations within the Appendices. I'm using BibTeX. splitbib and multibib don't seem to be the right way.

chapterbib seems to be very similar to what I need, but I couldn't find a working example, and I don't know how to adjust it to what I need (without splitting into different files). Any suggestions?

Best Answer

You could give the bibunits package a try. Assuming that (i) you wish to use the plain bibliography style in the main part of the document and the unsrt style in the appendix area and (ii) all bib entries are contained in a file named mybib.bib, the bibunits-relevant structure of your LaTeX file might look something like this:



... % with various citation commands strewn in

\appendix % or whatever demarcation command you need to employ

... % with more citation commands


If you only intend to use one bibliography style (say, plain) throughout, you could place the command


in the preamble, freeing you from having to mention it in every \begin{bibunit} command. (Actually, plain is the default style in case nothing else is specified.)

Note that bibunits creates a separate .aux file for each bibunit you create, named bu1.aux, bu2.aux, etc. This means that you'll need to run BibTeX separately on each of these aux files.