[Tex/LaTex] How to set the font size to 11.5pt?


How do I set the font size to 11.5? 12 is too large and 11 is too small.

I used


but it still gives me size 11

Best Answer

the options 10pt, 11pt and 12pt are not lengths at all they are simply strings used as option names that suggest the size of \normalsize (although 11pt doesn't set \normalsize to 11pt, but 10.95pt)

They are the only three size related options but you can request a font of any size


requests an 11.4pt font on a 2cm baseline.

For most fonts you will get the size requested. For reasons of historical compatibility, if you do this with the default computer modern fonts then the size will be set to one of a discrete list of sizes, however if you put


at the top of the document, this restriction will be lifted and fonts will be used at the requested size.

Note that the size options do far more than just set the font size they also specify suitable page sizes, and suitable lengths around lists and displays, and section headings etc.

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