[Tex/LaTex] How to right-align a title (without creating a complete custom title page)

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I suppose this is a simple matter, but I'm still finding my way around where to put things in LaTeX.

I would like to right-align (i.e. flush to right) the contents of an article's title page. By default it's centered. My preamble (leaving out other stuff) is basic:

\title{My Title}
\author{This is me}
\date{Aug 2010}

I read in the LaTeX wikibook (wonderful resource) that one way to do that is to create a custom title within

\begin{titlepage} ... 
% title elements here

But this is a heavy-handed solution and I hope there is a simpler way.

Thank you.

Best Answer

A dirty solution would be:


Then it would be right aligned, the author, as it is in a table, not quite. Here you can just define the author like this: \author{This is me\hspace*{-\tabcolsep}}.

But I personally would use the titling package, as frabjous already suggested.