[Tex/LaTex] How to remove author information in sigconf template (acmart.cls) for double blind conferences


Are there any special settings that will hide author information during the review phase of a double-blind conferences? Are we supposed to omit the author information ourselves?

Sample code:



% Copyright



\acmConference[Conf'2018]{ACM Conf Conference}{March 2018}{City, USA}




    \author{John Doe}
        \institution{Awesome Institute of Technology}


    Dummy abstract


Is there any better alternative to removing the "John Doe" lines of author information?

Best Answer

you can add the parameter "anonymous=true" to your document class, so that it becomes:


or, as suggested in the comments by @gabor-szarnyas, just


You can keep it until the review process finishes, and then just replace true with false (or simply remove the "anonymous" parameter)

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