[Tex/LaTex] How to refer Appendix in a paper


I put \label{} after each section and use \nameref with that label name for referring section names in the document.
But that doesn't work with \appendix. What is the correct way to refer a section in a paper?



How do I refer to background section?

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The nameref works in the appendix also (as shown in MWE of this answer). Hence without a complete MWE, we won't be able to help.

However, a better idea will be to use the package cleveref.




From sections~\nameref{sec:one} and~\nameref{sec:background}, we get the idea of using \verb|nameref| from \verb|hyperref|!

From sections~\ref{sec:one} and~\ref{sec:background}, do we get the idea?

From \cref{sec:one} and~\cref{sec:background}, do we get the idea of using the package \verb|cleveref|?


enter image description here

For details, refer to the package documentation (texdoc cleveref from command prompt)

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