[Tex/LaTex] How to put musical clefs in the middle of text


I'm setting a document that includes some music; I'm using lilypond-book for the musical examples. However, there are some points where the author has inserted a musical symbol in the text; I'm using MusiXTeX for those bits. Notes and accidentals are easy, but I can't find a way to put in just a clef sign. For example, the author says

The G sol re ut clef . . . is made thus, <treble-clef>.

I'd like to have a treble clef right in the text where it says <treble-clef>.

Best Answer

Found my own answer after help from Seamus:

The G sol re ut clef . . . is made thus, \begin{music}\trebleclef\end{music}.

That is, of course, after including \usepackage{musixtex} in the header.

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