[Tex/LaTex] How to print the list of packages installed on TeX Live to a file


OS: Ubuntu 11.10
TeX: Tex Live 2011
List of packages originally installed with Tex Live

Using the information given at the aforementioned question, I was able to see the list of packages in my current TeX Live installation. I wanted to save the list in a file. I tried using the "Edit>>Select All" option from the terminal. But using that I am able to save only a small sub-section of it. Is there a simple addition that I can make to the "list" command with "tlmgr" to make it print the output to a file?

Best Answer

Simply type the following command in a terminal / command prompt:

tlmgr list --only-installed > installed_texlive_packages.txt

which will save the list to a file called installed_texlive_packages.txt.