[Tex/LaTex] How to modify the headers of this book to lower case?


In the following standard \documentclass{book} all headers are in upper case.

How can I modify the code below to make lower case headers?

The even pages show the chapter number and name, and the odd pages show the section number and name. The first page of a chapter has no header, only the page number in the footer. The other pages show the page numbers on the headers: odd pages on the right and even pages on the left, as shown.

It was created with



\title{Standard \LaTeX{} Book}
\author{The Author}
\date{The Date}

\chapter{Test Chapter One}
\section{Test Section One}
\section{Test Section Two}
\section{Test Section Three}

\chapter{Test Chapter Two}
\section{Test Section One}
\section{Test Section Two}


Remark: the question Page header – Upper and lower case is not sufficiently similar to this one to help me to find a possible solution by my own.

Best Answer

This is in my opinion the worse design error in the book class. Not because of the uppercase default (which I consider bad anyway), but because there's no way to easily change it. And the \MakeUppercase is hardwired in the macros.

You can change the behavior by loading the fancyhdr package, and adding


to your preamble. You can also load \usepackage{emptypage} to remove headers and footers with the empty pages produced by \cleardoublepage.

The rule below headers is produced by default, so if you want it, comment out the \renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt} line.

Or using a class that provides for changing the default, for instance memoir or scrbook.