[Tex/LaTex] How to modify a template to fullfill the needs


I'm using the file "Dissertation template and document class for Princeton University" on sharelatex.com.

I heard it's easy to work on sharelatex.com because it's interactive. However, I'm unable to customize it as per my need. For example I cannot change the name from Princeton University to my university. I'm thinking of ditching LaTeX and writing my master thesis in word. Can anyone help me?

P.S. I'm new to LaTeX.

Best Answer

A template1 is often viewed as something ready to use, even for beginners. For many, that is true. If you are a student at Princeton University, you don't have to think about the title page, margins, line spacing etc. Somebody else did.

Imagine the whole construct of a template is like a ready-made house you can move into. You cannot just change the tiling in the kitchen or remove a wall, chances are pretty high that somethings will break. Better look for another template/house.

The more simple a template is to use, the harder it is to customize.

Starting from scratch and reading some basic introductory material often gets you running quicker and safer.

1 Of course, nobody ever defined what a template in LaTeX is.

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