[Tex/LaTex] How to make two lists of text appear side by side and lined up


I'm new to Latex and this forum. I want to make two columns of text:

SAT:————————–SAT Subject Tests:

Critical Reading: 800————Biology: 800

Math: 800———————Chemistry: 780

Writing: 730——————-Math 2: 800

The above dashes were the only way I could make the columns line up. Sorry for the horrible formatting but I hope you get the idea. One column for my SAT scores, one column for my SAT Subject Test scores.

I tried using parcolumns:

\colchunk[1]{SAT: Critical Reading: 800 Math: 800 Writing: 730 }
\colchunk[2]{\textsc{SAT Subject Tests: Biology: 800 Chemistry 780 Math 2: 800}}

However, everything just appears on the same line and extends off the page.
Please help.

Best Answer

Something like this?


      \item[Critical Reading:] 800
      \item[Math:] 800
      \item[Writing:] 730
      \item[SAT Subject Tests:]
      \item[Biology:] 800
      \item[Chemistry:] 780
      \item[Math 2:] 800

Please note I don't know what defines the macros and environments you've used so I've just gone by the desired output and done it as I would probably do it.