[Tex/LaTex] How to make \mid longer?


I have the following expression

$$\left\{\varphi\in\text{End}\left({\widetilde{E}/\overline{\F}_{\Pf}}\right)\mid \varphi\text{Frob}_{\Pf}=\text{Frob}_{\Pf}\varphi\right\}$$

and would like to know how to match the length of \mid to the length of \left\{ and \right\}. Thanks!

Best Answer

For middle stretchable delimiters you can use \middle:






enter image description here

Notice also the use of \DeclareMathOperator to produce the right font and spacing for "End" and "Frob". Also, $$...$$ shouldn't be used in modern LaTeX documents; use \[...\] instead. Since I didn't know the definitions of some commands, I defined them provisionally.