[Tex/LaTex] How to make comments inside an equation


How can I make comments inside an long equation, something like:

% comment here
= \frac{A}{B} 
= \frac{\frac{t_c}{3}}{2 \cdot \frac{2t_b + t_v + t_c}{r}}  = \frac{t_c}{6 \cdot (2t_b + t_v + t_c)} \cdot r

Best Answer

Do you mean something like this? If you are referring to setting source code (LaTeX listings) you should clarify that a bit in your question.

% arara: pdflatex


    G(r) & \\
    &= \frac{A}{B} \\
    \intertext{a long comment could look like this}
    &= \frac{\frac{t_c}{3}}{ 2 \cdot \frac{2t_b + t_v + t_c}{r}}  = \frac{t_c}{6 \cdot (2t_b + t_v + t_c)} \cdot r

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