[Tex/LaTex] How to make a larger “\dot”


I'm writing up some notes that will be displayed on an overhead projector. The standard time-derivative \dot{x} produces a dot that is hard to see. Does anyone know of a package or have a macro that produces a (nice looking) larger dot? Similarly with \ddot{x}.

At the moment, I've been supplied with some ugly code that produces an ugly output:

\def\dt#1{{\buildrel  {\hbox{\LARGE . }} \over {#1}}}    % dot-over 
\def\ddt#1{{\buildrel {\hbox{\LARGE ..}} \over {#1}}}    % double dot

Best Answer

You could use the accents package and its command \accentset to create faked accents. Here`s an example:

  \accentset{\mbox{\large\bfseries .}}{#1}}
  \accentset{\mbox{\large\bfseries .\hspace{-0.25ex}.}}{#1}}
$\dot{x} \neq \dt{x}$

$\ddot{x} \neq \ddt{x}$


alt text

Instead of a large bold period you could also choose for instance a tiny \bullet.