[Tex/LaTex] How to load manual font from manfnt


In the TeXBook, it says that:

{\manual\char127} prints the dangerous bend glyph.
But it doesn't.

I can do it with \manfntsymbol{127}, but how can I switch to the manfnt font?

\font{manfnt} doesn't work, either.

Best Answer

You can see in manmac.tex how it's loaded: give the following declaration at the beginning of your file


and then


will work.

With LaTeX one can use the manfnt characters with


and \manfntsymbol{127}. The package provides also symbolic names that can be found in the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List, which is also available in TeX Live with texdoc symbols (from the command line). For example, the dangerous bend symbol can be typeset with \dbend.