[Tex/LaTex] How to left-justify the date in document class letter

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Really basic question, but I'm having trouble finding documentation. How can I left-justify the date in \documentclass{letter}?

Best Answer

The date is set under \raggedleft by default, forcing it to be flush-right with the text block. This forms part of the \opening command which would have to be redefined to suit your needs:

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\signature{First last name}
\address{First last name \\ Street name \\ City \\ Country}

  \else  % home address
      \fromaddress \\*[2\parskip]%
  {\raggedright \toname \\ \toaddress \par}%


\begin{letter}{Something \\ That \\ Is \\ Important}
\opening{Dear Who Cares}

Can you help me move the sender's address to the left? It is too close to the right edge. I would like to make sure that it does not go more to the right than does the text in the body of the letter.



Regardless, for regular letters I'd advise against using the letter class, as you can very comfortably set a letter in the default article class.