[Tex/LaTex] How to install Type 1 font in MiKTeX 2.9


What is the procedure to install Type 1 font in MiKTeX 2.9?

Can anybody help me?

Best Answer

LaTeX can't use Type1 fonts directly. It needs to have metric informations in files .tfm.

There are Type 1 fonts already prepared for using with LaTeX. For example you can use the font libertine with including \usepackage{libertine} in your document. The package libertine-legacy on CTAN contains all you need.

If your font (can you give us the name?) is not yet prepared for using with LaTeX you have to do this by your own. The perl script ├Čnstallfont by Josef Kleber also may be helpful (search CTAN).

To learn more how to install fonts the font installation guide might be again helpful too.