[Tex/LaTex] How to install a latex editor with “native” TeXLive installation already in place on Ubuntu


After hours wasted trying to work with the Ubuntu repository version of TeXLive (tlmgr wasn't working), I installed the "native" version of TeXLive (2017, via "Quick Installer" from the official site) and tlmgr was now functional.

However, when I go ahead and install TexMaker from the Ubuntu repository, it rolls out its own (outdated) version of TeXLive. I've been trying to install from binaries on TeXMaker's site, but the site is down.

So then I tried installing TeXstudio, downloaded the appropriate binary (Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit QT5) and installed it via Software Center, but seemingly I'm getting things I never wanted. E.g. the "native" TeXLive's tlmgr was in /usr/local/texlive/2017/bin/x86_64-linux folder, after installing TeXstudio now it's "shadowed" by /usr/bin. It's also a version that is 2 years behind the current tlmgr from the official site.

How to install a TeX editor so that it doesn't roll out its own TexLive installation or tlmgr?

Best Answer

Thanks everyone for the input in the comments.

Here's what worked for me.

My system: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) 64-bit

What I installed:

First I downloaded the "Quick Installer" from TeXLive and proceeded as recommended. I uncompressed the archive, ran the installer with sudo ./install-tl from the folder. It took a looong time to "quick install" all the 3500+ packages.

Then I installed TeXstudio with sudo apt-get install texstudio --no-install-recommends. (Thanks @daleif for mentioning the flag.)

After TeXstudio was installed, I launched the application. It prompted me with a warning about not having a TeX installation. I went to Options > Configure TeXstudio... and in Commands set the path to xelatex pointing to the TeXLive installation and then in Build set the Default compiler to xelatex (which is the compiler I'll mostly need, proceed similarly for other compilers of your choice).

Now the TeX installation seems to be OK. Feel free to point out potential pitfalls or anything.

The other suggested workarounds either failed at one point or are beyond my level of "expertise" and willingness to manage a system with hacks and tricks (I won't remember them by the time I need to change something).