[Tex/LaTex] How to insert a column vector using transpose of row vector in LaTeX


I want to write A=[Xtk Ytk .Xtk .Ytk]^T in LaTeX. ^T means that I want the transpose symbol "T" to come as superscript of the matrix. Xtk should appear as the variable X with subscript t and subsubscript k. Similarly for Ytk. Third entry, .Xtk, means that I want the . (dot) to come on top of Xtk, denoting velocity.

I want to know how these can be expressed in desired forms in LaTeX.

Best Answer

I agree with tohecz that you may need to do some basic reading regarding how to work with LaTeX. I hope this is what you want:


         X_{t_{k}} &   Y_{t_{k}} & \dot{X}_{t_{k}}  &   \dot{Y}_{t_{k}}
         X_{t_{k}} \\
         Y_{t_{k}} \\

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