[Tex/LaTex] How to increase the space between the abbreviation and definition


I'm using the glossaries package to create a list of abbreviations.
I would like to set the horizontal space between the abbreviation and definition to 2.5 cm. I realise this question has been asked previously but I was not able to find a solution that fits the simple example below.

Here is a MWE. Thanking you in advance!

\usepackage[acronym, sort=use, nopostdot, nonumberlist, hyperfirst=false]{glossaries}

\renewcommand*{\acronymname}{List of Abbreviations}
\newacronym{who}{WHO}{World Health Office}
\newacronym{oth}{OTHER}{Some disease other than Response System}
\newacronym{sar}{SARI}{Severe acute something infection}
\newacronym{vid}{VIDAL}{Another very very other long acronym}

First use: \gls{who}. Second use: \gls{who}. Now we move on to \gls{sar} this is the first mention so when i use \gls{sar} again we get the short version. I also discuss \gls{vid} of course too


The output is attached. I just want to increase the space between acronym and its definition to 2.5 cm Space is too small

Best Answer

Do you mean the absolute separation distance between each acronym and its description needs to be 2.5cm? That's quite wide, but adding these in the preamble should do it:


If you mean you need every label to occupy a width of 2.5cm, then you can change labelsep to labelwidth.

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