[Tex/LaTex] How to include graphics with width in the exam class


I am trying to compose an exam with a figure as part of the question. However, I am having trouble using the standard \includegraphics command with pdflatex. I can not specify the arguments to \includegraphics in the square brackets. If I remove the square bracket (optional arguments), then it compiles without issue. I've tried wrapping it in the \fullwidth{} command to no avail.

Here is a minimal example:

\question[] True/False questions.
\part[2] True or False.\vspace*{1in}
An image:


Best Answer

You are loading the wrong package: it's not graphics, but graphicx

There's no need to use a figure environment: center or flushleft will do as well (but none of them is really necessary). Just think to the graphic object as a big character.

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