[Tex/LaTex] How To Include a Reversed Angle Symbol (⦣) in LaTeX


I am creating a LaTeX document in Overleaf, and I need to include the reversed angle character, "⦣", as well as a few other symbols that LaTeX does not recognize.

Is there a way to include the ⦣ symbol (or something that looks nearly identical) in my document?

And is there an easy, general way to include other unknown unicode symbols in LaTeX? Or is each character need to be included via a case-by-case basis?

Thank you!

Best Answer

You can use the symbol in latex if you have a font for it, for example if you are using unicode-math it is available as or \revangle and if you are using pdflatex you could use the stix package which again uses the commandname \revangle

enter image description here

with lualatex or xelatex :


\setmathfont{Stix Two Math}

$a ⦣ b$