[Tex/LaTex] How to import an external bibliography style file if using ‘usepackage{biblatex}’ and PdfLatex compiler instead of BibTex compiler


recently, I've moved my latex editor from the desktop version 'TexMaker' to the online version 'ShareLatex'. Then I've got a bibliography issue – that is, the 'Reference' section is totally missing at the end of the paper, as well as the missing citation. In my paper draft, I was simple using \bibliographystyle and \bibliography to import the style and print the 'Reference' section. Through the desktop 'TexMaker', I can compile it via 'BibTex' once; then compile it again via 'PDFLaTex'. Yet, 'ShareLatex' does not have 'BibTex' compiler. According to their documentation, it is recommended to use \usepackage{biblatex}, \addbibresource, and \printbibliography. But I cannot find a way to import an external bibliography style file. Has anyone encountered a similar issue ?

Best Answer

There seem to be two issues here.

Firstly, biblatex cannot deal with .bst files; it uses its own system of .bbx, .cbx and .lbx files for style definitions. If you want to use .bst files you will have to resort to classical BibTeX. See for example Switching to biblatex: how to load custom elsarticle-harv.bst style, How to use custom bibstyle with biblatex and Biblatex induced headache: Bibliography bst style not found.

Secondly, you seem to think that ShareLaTeX does not support BibTeX. As Bibliography management with bibtex and especially the example on that page demonstrate that fear is idle. ShareLaTeX can very well deal with BibTeX and automatically runs it once you press the recompile button.

In the screenshot below you can see BibTeX project happily working in ShareLaTeX (it is an adapted version of the example linked to above)

screen shot of a BibTeX project in ShareLaTeX

The page merely recommends using biblatex because of its flexibility and localisation facilities. Indeed ShareLaTeX is also fully compatible with biblatex with both the Biber and BibTeX backend and automatically decides which to run.