[Tex/LaTex] How to have text occupy multiple columns in latex


I am currently using multicols and would like to organize my columns in a way that some paragraphs can occupy multiple columns. Like as follows

columns example

With the red blue and green lines all being different sections of text. I have already looked at flowfram, but this does not solve my problem because it would only works if each page is painstakingly handcrafted pixel by pixel, em by em, or pt by pt. If there is a tool which simply allows me to define the position of my frames and columns in relation to one another, and define the size of my columns with respect to multicol's \columnsize argument, that tool would suffice.

Best Answer

I dot not understand your problem by flowfram, as you can make layouts for several pages, but may be you find useful my question Three-columns text with figures of 2\columnwidth.

However, without this package, you can use minipages, or minipages and multicolumns:


\hfil \includegraphics[width=\linewidth]{example-image}\par\bigskip

See also the textpos package.

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