[Tex/LaTex] How to get the “old” \mathcal letters


I've always been bothered by the look of the standard \mathcal 'E':
enter image description here
and think it would be nice to have a calligraphic E that looks more like the \mathcal 'F': enter image description here.

Recently, I stumbled across an old LaTeX manual from 1999 (A Guide to LaTeX, 3rd Edition, by H. Kopka P. Daly). In the section for calligraphic letters, I was surprised to find this!

Page 123 of "A Guide to LaTeX", 3rd Edition, H. Kopka  P. Daly. 1999.

The calligraphic letters there are similar to, but not quite the same as, the current mathcal font. This old book has exactly the "E" that I have always been looking for! How can I get those characters?

Best Answer

I have that book in .pdf version and the font is Lucida New Math (Symbols).

If you have the Lucida New Math font installed as type 1, you can go as LaRiFaRi says in the above comment.

Otherwise, you have probably Lucida Calligraphy installed as .ttf as I have.

In this case, you can use xelatex or luatex for compiling.

This is an example using that font:

\setmathfont[range={\mathcal}]{Lucida Calligraphy}



enter image description here