[Tex/LaTex] How to get the figures not to be pushed to the end of the document


For some reason, my figures get pushed to the end of the document. I tried begin{figure}[t], [h] and other options, but none helped. Any ideas how to get the figures to appear much earlier in the document, where they are approximately first mentioned in the .tex file?

Best Answer

Note that this has been mentioned in a few places already. Here is a summary:

If you really want them to stay in place, you could just not put them in Floats. Then you can use either the caption or the capt-of package to add a caption to the figure.

However, I think that the most accepted method is to use the placeins package to have your floats placed in the section they appear in. You can also define \FloatBarriers to decide where floats should not go past.

Playing with the size of the figure, even for a couple of points, can also make a great difference in the placement while not changing much of the visual aspect.