[Tex/LaTex] How to draw graphs


Maybe this question should not be here, but for me it seems the only way to get the answer!
My questions are:

  • Which program a mathematician can use to write a paper in mathematics which contains a lot of geometrical graphs?
  • How they drew the pictures in the books?
  • Is it just hand drawing and then paste in a proper place in the paper? Or the only way is to be very professional in LaTeX?
  • Is there any computer program converts a hand-draw picture into a digital code?

Best Answer

There are many ways to draw diagrams with computers.

  • If you like drawing with click and drag or with drawing pad, then you have to use:

    • Inkscape,
    • Illustrator (commercial),
    • Freehand (commercial),
    • SolidWorks (commercial),
    • AutoCad (commercial),
    • 3D Studio Max (commercial),
    • GeoGebra,
    • etc.
  • If you prefer scripting then you can use:

Hand-drawn diagrams can be converted to digital ones by

  • scanning them to get rastered images
  • vectorizing the rastered images to get vector graphics.

Using a search engine you can find many "raster to vector" converters.

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