[Tex/LaTex] How to draw curved arrows in tikz


I need to draw this picture using tikz.

enter image description here

I use tikz rarely so I find it difficult to accomplish this task. This is what I tried using some code from the internet but I can not find how to draw the curved arrows.

\foreach \i in {0,...,4}
    \draw (-1+5*\i,0) -- (0+5*\i,1) -- (1+5*\i,0) -- (0+5*\i,-1) --cycle;
\node  at (5*\i,0) {\huge$\i$};

Best Answer

\foreach \i in {0,...,4} \node[draw,diamond] (\i) at (2*\i,0) {$\i$};
\foreach \i [count=\j] in {0,...,3} {
    \draw[->] (\i) to[bend left] (\j);
    \draw[->] (\i) to[bend right] (\j);
\path[->] (1) to[bend left] node[midway,above,inner sep=2pt] {1/4} (2);
\path[->] (0) to[bend right] node[midway,below,inner sep=2pt] {1/4} (1);
\draw[->] (0) to[out=-150,in=150,loop] node[midway,left,inner sep=2pt] {1} ();
\draw[->] (1) to[out=-60,in=-120,loop] node[midway,below,inner sep=2pt] {1/2} ();
\draw[->] (2) to[out=-60,in=-120,loop] ();
\draw[->] (3) to[out=-60,in=-120,loop] ();
\draw[->] (4) to[out=30,in=-30,loop] node[midway,right,inner sep=2pt] {1} ();

enter image description here