[Tex/LaTex] How to draw a traffic light sign


I'm just going to admit that I'm useless at drawing images in LaTeX and revert to copy and paste and then adapting where possible. I had a look over at http://www.texample.net but couldn't find anything I could adapt. I want to create an image of a set of traffic lights with text to one side, like the image below. I want to use it as part of a score system where each colour means something. I probably looking for two items. The image below and then just the traffic lights where I could possibly put the score in the light it belongs.

enter image description here

PS: Sorry I have no MWE but don't know where to start with this.
PPS: and sorry for putting up a help me draw this attached picture.

Best Answer

\documentclass[border=2mm, tikz]{standalone}

\usetikzlibrary{matrix, positioning}

    trafficlight/.style = {%
        matrix of nodes,
        nodes in empty cells,
        rounded corners,
        draw = blue!70,
        fill = blue!30,
        nodes = {circle, minimum size=5mm, anchor=center, draw=black},
        row 1/.style={nodes={fill=red}},
        row 2/.style={nodes={fill=yellow}},
        row 3/.style={nodes={fill=green}},
        row sep=3mm,

\matrix[trafficlight] (A) { \\  \\ \\};
\node[right= 2mm of A-1-1] {Score 1};
\node[right= 2mm of A-2-1] {Score 2};
\node[right= 2mm of A-3-1] {Score 3};

enter image description here