[Tex/LaTex] How to cut the space of the closing in moderncv cover letter


I am writing a cover letter using moderncv. The problem is when executing the latex file I get two pages with only my name in the second page. I would like to cut the space between sincerely and my name. How to do this ?


will produce for example

   |---------------------> How to cut the space or make it small
   |                       so that my name can be in the first page?          
My name

Best Answer

From my comment to a proper answer. :)

\makeletterclosing is redefined according to the style provided in \mderncvstyle. I didn't check the other styles, but with classic, it suffices to patch the command and add the desired space.

Let's say we want to have 1em. We can patch \makeletterclosing with xpatch (my favourite package):


Or we can rely on etoolbox, which is already loaded by moderncv:


Then we are have:







\recipient{Uncle Scrooge}{}
\opening{Dear Uncle,}
\closing{Yours sincerely,}





The output:


Yay! :)