[Tex/LaTex] How to create a “Bitcoin accepted here” button



Is there something like what appears above that causes a logo like this

enter image description here

to appear in a document?

Postscript: I've tried some of the things suggested in the several answers. The one from Mark Wibrow results in error messages that I haven't figured out how to fix. I've tried a few variants without success.

The answer from Kerren looks somewhat promising, since I can adjust the size and position. However, I am now realizing I'd like to be able to use this in an inline setting. Is there a way to do that?

Best Answer

Abandoning most of my previous answers to this question (see the edit history otherwise some of the comments below will make no sense) and combining the suggestion of percusse for the Ubuntu font and LaRiFaRi for fontawesome, I think this gets pretty close to the requirements (without actually using \includegraphics).

This needs to be compiled with lualatex or xelatex as it uses the fontspec package. In addition the Ubuntu font and latest version of the fontawesome font are required. For fontawesome I just deleted the existing version of fontawesome.otf in TeX-live and replaced it with the new version. There may be other ways of doing this.

\draw [line width=.1ex, rounded corners=1ex, draw=gray!50,  top color=white, bottom color=gray!40] (-6,-2.25) rectangle (6,2.25);
\foreach \i in {0,100}{
  \node [circle, fill=bitcoin!\i, rotate=-15, inner sep=0.25ex, scale=0.625, text=white] 
    (symbol) at (-4,.25+\i/1500) {\bitcoin};
  \node [font=\sffamily\bfseries, xslant=0.25, text=black!80!white!\i,
right=0ex of symbol.south east, anchor=base west, inner ysep=0.25ex, inner xsep=0.5ex] 
    (bitcoin) {bitcoin};
  \node [font=\sffamily, xslant=0.25, scale=0.3, text=black!80!white!\i, anchor=north east, inner ysep=0ex, inner xsep=2ex] 
    at (bitcoin.south east) {ACCEPTED HERE};

enter image description here