[Tex/LaTex] How to convert into PDF


I've written document in LaTeX, but I don't know how to convert my .tex file into a PDF file. I'm using texMaker in the Russian language, and I couldn't find a way to typeset in this version of LaTeX.

Here is the view of my LaTeX:

Enter image description here

How do I convert it into PDF in LaTeX?

When I run quick build, it gives me the following errors:

Enter image description here

Best Answer

The error you're receiving is that thesis.cls is not available. This stems from \documentclass{thesis}. My assumption is that, since you're unfamiliar with (La)TeX, you just assumed that if you want to write a thesis, you should use thesis as your \documentclass. However, this is obviously incorrect since the default distributions (MiKTeX and TeX Live) do not come with a thesis.cls by default. Instead, start with something like report or book. Then click on Quick Build to compile the document, after which you can View PDF.