[Tex/LaTex] How to cite an article from Arxiv using bibtex


This is a question about how to use bibtex to cite a preprint from Arxiv. Suppose I have:

   AUTHOR  = {First, Author AND Second, Author},
   TITLE   = {The title of this article},
   YEAR    = {2035},
   JOURNAL = What exactly do I put here?,
   VOLUME  = {},
   NUMBER  = {},
   PAGES   = {}

Where exactly do I put the code of the article in arxiv? Suppose the code is arXiv:1234:5678v1

I am using

\bibliographystyle{alpha}  % (uses file "plain.bst")amsplain
\bibliography{myrefs}    % expects file "myrefs.bib"

*EDIT:*Actually there is a BibTeX entry that is @unpublished which is the one I am using. I didn't noticed and I put @article in the example above. It has fields: author, title, note, month, year and key. So the question is more about whether to put the arxiv code of the article in note or in key.

Best Answer

It's also worth mentioning Biblatex, which has proper support for eprints with all styles. For arXiv, specifically, you can use

archivePrefix = {arXiv},
       eprint = {0902.0885},
 primaryClass = {quant-ph},
for a new-style eprint, or

archivePrefix = {arXiv},
   eprint = {quant-ph/0401062},
for an old-style eprint.

Both entries were taken directly from the NASA ADS database, clicking on "Export". The journal field you left empty, except of course if has actually been published elsewhere. As for the template, it depends on the style you are using. I use @article with the style biblatex-phys, and the formatting is good, but with the default style it produces crap if journal is empty. In this case you can use @misc and @online, with similar results. You should avoid @unpublished, however, as it hides the eprint number.

EDIT: Updated to take into account the comments.

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