[Tex/LaTex] How to change margin for first page of Bibliography Only


I need the top margin to be 2 inches on the first page of my Bibliography and all subsequent pages in the Bibliography to have 1 inch top margins. I am using BibTeX to manage my references and using natbib to format them in the apa6 document class.

I know that the geometry package can specify new margins for a specific page (\newgeometry{top=2in}), but how can this be used for the Bibliography since it is created all at once?

Not sure how to show a MWE since this would require a .bib file…


\renewcommand{\refname}{REFERENCES}    % W/out this command, it is not all capital letters.


Best Answer

I had this same issue trying to reduce the top margin of my bibliography on all pages except for the first.

This is more of a workaround than a solution but it saved me a lot of time having tried multiple other suggestions online.

This will only be of use to some people if, like me, formatting the bibliography only becomes a concern when the rest of a document is written.

What I did was I copied the contents of the .bbl file generated by BibTeX into my .tex document and manually reducing vertical spacing at the points where page breaks occur using


or whatever distance you need. Remember to remove the \bibliography{} command once this is done.

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