[Tex/LaTex] How to change color for a block of texts


I am editing a LaTeX paper with Emacs. Sometimes I want to make a block of texts less obvious (or less important to see). Instead of totally hiding them, they should still be there. Is there an easy way to embed them in something so that it changes color (to grey for instance)?

By the way, besides changing color, are there other ways to easily make a block of texts look less important?

Best Answer

You can use the xcolor package. It provides \textcolor{<color>}{<text>} as well as \color{<color>} to switch the color for some give text or until the end of the group/environment. You can get different shades of gray by using black!x as a color where x is a number from 0 to 100, taken as a percentage with 100 being black.


This is a sample text in black.
\textcolor{blue}{This is a sample text in blue.}