[Tex/LaTex] How to center the caption inside /Figure in IEEE Access


IEEE Access' Latex template uses its own figure class named \Figure

\Figure[t!](topskip=0pt, botskip=0pt, midskip=0pt)[width=\linewidth]{fig1.png}{<caption>\label{fig1}}

This command is for wide figures, that is, figures which span two columns. However I have two problems about that command:

  1. In Scenario a; my figure fit on the page width but the caption is not centered and including caption as package at the beginning of document is resulted with many error related to figure. So it is not the solution. On the other hand in Scenario b; caption is centered automatically but my figure exceeds the page width.

    Scenario a: \Figure[t!](topskip=0pt, botskip=0pt, midskip=0pt)[width=\linewidth]{fig1.png}{<caption>\label{fig1}}

    Scenario b: \Figure[t!](topskip=0pt, botskip=0pt, midskip=0pt){fig1.png}{<caption>\label{fig1}}

  2. Some large figures are placed on a blank page at the bottom instead of in the text and pushes all the other figures under it. So, the remaining page consists of all rest of the figures only.

Note: I'm using Overleaf as latex environment.

Best Answer

I couldn't find a way to put in center the caption as an answer for my first question.

However, for the second question when I changed [ht!] to [!h] the problem is solved.

\Figure[!h](topskip=0pt, botskip=0pt, midskip=0pt)[width=1\linewidth]{my_image.png}{my caption \label{fig:block}}