[Tex/LaTex] How to align text without two column

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I want to have the following text alignment and I don't want to use any "two column" and table because an environment I use doesn't support them. 🙁

The text format looks like the picture below. Basically I want to split a line in the middle, and for a line of text there will be 2 parts: the 1st part is on the left and the 2nd part is on the right. However, there are some lines which have long text and I don't want to split them to two parts, thus they will not split.

Thanks a lot for help!

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Best Answer

You can define a command that manually puts its first argument into the "left column" and the second argument into the "right column.


\leftright{first line part 1}{first line part 2} \par
A longer line that isn't split in two columns \par
\leftright{third line part 1}{third line part 2}