[Tex/LaTex] How to add new packages to TeXStudio


I'm completely new to writing in LaTeX and am therefore starting up with a pre-made report template. However when I just try to compile the template I get the message that following file is required.


So I've downloaded the natbib package but where do I save the files?
Appreciate any help and advice to get started with TeXStudio and how to add packages.

Best Answer

The Editor has actually nothing to do with the LaTeX System. The packages are installed and updated typically with a package manager from the LaTeX distribution - not with the Editor.

If you are using miktex then start the "package manager" and with Tex Live "TeX Live Manager" and add the missing package(s).

If you want to avoid problems with missing packages it is a good practice to install all available packages. That way you hardly ever miss a package again.

If a package is not available in the repository you could as well copy the .sty file to the place where your .tex file is located. However this should always be the exception.

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