[Tex/LaTex] How to add equation with cases inside the table


I want to include the complicated equation into one of the cells of my table. I am using tabular environment, additionally I have some multirows. I would like to add something like this:

     & a=3 & description & something \\
     \[ l= \begin{cases} 
        a when sth \\
        b when sth else \\
        c when elsewhere;
     & & \\

The problem is precisely when I need to use \\ in purpose of proper cases environment look. In such a case it simply (compiler) get frozen… until whole processor is 'consumed'. Anyway anyone knows how to put the function, equation with cases into table?

Best Answer

If I make a document from your fragments, it processes without error:

enter image description here


& equation 1 & description & something \\
& equation which contains cases
a &\text{when sth }\\
b &\text{when sth else} \\
c &\text{when elsewhere;}
\] & & \\