[Tex/LaTex] How should I write arctanh?

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If I want to use the function sin in LaTeX, I write $\sin x$ or $\sin(x+1)$. If I want to use the function arctanh, I can't use $\arctanh x$:

! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> ...\ (\cos x)' &= -\sin x \\ (\arctanh 
                                                  x)' &= \frac {1}{\sqrt {1 ...
l.74 \end{align*}

! Emergency stop.

What should I use instead for arctanh?

I thought of $\text{arctanh} x$, but this doesn't leave a space after arctanh. Additionally, it seems to be semantically incorrect, as arctanh is not "only" text.

Best Answer

\text is not well suited for this, use


then \arctanh behaves like \tan and friends

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